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SU2 Promotional Material

As you know, at the SU2 Foundation we aim to promote software development and education to further innovation in the engineering sciences. A great way to pursue this goal is by showcasing the amazing research that is carried out by our community using SU2.

Today, we are asking you to show off! You could really help us pursue the Foundation mission by providing us with one (or more!) images of your great work, including a short description and a reference to a relevant publication. Please submit this form as many times as you want!

We will share this material on our website (su2foundation.org) and on social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) to boost both your own impact and SU2’s impact as a whole. We will feature the material on our monthly e-mail newsletter, and will also include it in our presentations for fundraising purposes. Of course, providing you with the credit you deserve at all time. Because, without your valuable contribution, SU2 would not be the thriving project we know today.

Many thanks already for your help, and we look forward to see your cool shots!