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SU2 Conference 2023

Thank you all for joining us in-person or virtually in the 2023 SU2 conference. All available conference material, awards, talk recordings and slides can be found below.


2023 Award for Contribution to the SU2 Community

This award is given annually to the person making the most outstanding contribution to the progress of the SU2 project during the past year, as determined by peer nomination. Please use the below link to inform the Awards Committee Chair, Nitish Anand, before the end of the final talk on Tuesday. The person receiving the most nominations will be named the recipient of this year’s award.

We are pleased to announce the winner of the 2023 award:

Nijso Beishuizen and Pedro Gomes

2023 SU2 Conference Best Presentation Award

After the final talk on Tuesday, we ask that you express your opinion on the submitted talks by filling voting form below. The author(s) of the talk receiving the highest score will be named the recipient of this year’s award.

We are pleased to announce the winner of the 2023 award:

Filip Hahs

“PyWrapper workflows for nonstandard applications”

2023 SU2 Contributor Gifts

The SU2 Foundation issued 5 gift vouchers (100 euros) to the following contributors (or teams) to releases 7.5.0, 7.5.1, and 8.0.0 based on the content and number of contributions (pull requests).

Harsh Patel and Alessandro Gastaldi
Johannes Blühdorn
Wally Mayer
Evert Bunschoten
Cristopher Morales

Save the date

4th annual SU2 Conference, Varenna, Italy, October 23-25 2023

With the Turbo workshop on October 25th

The SU2 Foundation is pleased to announce that the 4th edition is taking place at a familiar place for participants of previous editions: Villa Monastero in Varenna, Italy right next to Lake Como.

A virtual participation with a live-stream will be available.

The picture below was taken at the conference directly at the front of the conference venue. The catering during the conference is right next to Lake Como as well with beautiful views (despite the foggy weather at that moment). Notice all the happy people on the picture.


Day 1 – Agenda – Monday, October 23

Time (CEST)TitleSpeaker
09:00-09:20Welcome & SU2 Year in Review Thomas D. Economon
09:20-09:40Extending composition-dependent fluid model for compressible multi-component flows within SU2 Cristopher Morales Ubal
09:40-10:00Assessment of Thermochemistry modelling for Hypersonic Non-Equilibrium flow in Martian atmosphere (CO2-species) using SU2-NEMO and Mutation++ A. U. Nachiketh Kumar
10:00-10:20SU2-COOL: a fully Open-source Framework for Non-Ideal Compressible Fluid-Dynamics Flows Peng Yan
11:00-11:20CAD-based shape optimization of a pin-fin heat sink using the CHT solver in SU2 Praharsh Pravin Pai Raikar
11:20-11:40Optimization of periodic fins using streamwise periodic flow solver with iso-thermal boundaries in SU2 Nitish Anand
11:40-12:00Multi-Objective Shape Optimization of a Venturi Mixer for Residential Heating Lisa Kusch
12:00-12:20 Cool things you can do with the python wrapper Pedro Gomes
14:00-14:20 Hybrid Parallel AD in SU2: Insights and Improvements (no video available)Johannes Blühdorn
14:20-14:40Implementation and assessment of Rp limiter functions in framework of SU2 Amit Sachdeva
14:40-15:00PyWrapper workflows for nonstandard applications Filip Hahs
15:00-15:20A Graphical User Interface for the CFD solver of the SU2 software suite Nijso Beishuizen
16:00-16:20A little introduction to non-dimensionalization in SU2 Tobias Kattmann
16:20-16:40Multipoint Vaned Diffuser Discrete Adjoint Shape Optimization With Su2 Open-source Software Lorenzo Fabris
16:40-17:00Enhancing Axial Compressor Stage Efficiency Using CFD Simulations and Genetic Algorithms Afshawn Lotfi
17:00-17:20Automated Geometry Cleanup and Model Preparation with Fidelity Pointwise Erick Gantt
17:20-17:40Running CFD computation using SU2 and Welsim Liang Cheng
17:40-18:00Feedback on SU2 Foundation Plan (without slides) SU2 Foundation
18:00-18:45Foundation Board and Advisors – Strategy and Plans (Invite only and no video)SU2 Foundation
20:00 – endDinner in local restaurant: Locanda Cavallino google-maps-link

Day 2 – Agenda – Tuesday, October 24

Time (CEST)TitleSpeaker
09:00-09:20Maneuver loads analysis using CFD methods of a fighter aircraft Arne Voß
09:20-09:40Harmonic Balance For External Aerodynamics: Two Possible Applications Luca Abergo
09:40-10:00Nonlinear Transonic Aeroelastic Analysis of a Cropped Delta Wing using Fluid-Structure Interaction and Dynamic Mode Decomposition Sheila C.F. Langa
10:00-10:20Visualization techniques for higher order elements Antoine Ligier
11:00-11:20Fluid-Structure Interaction of Rotors Using SU2, MBDyn and PreCICE Francesco Angelo Caccia
11:20-11:40Transfer Learning for Multi-Fidelity Surrogate Models in Aerodynamic Design Applications Harsh Patel
11:40-12:00Actuator Disk Integration to SU2 CFD Solver Safa Dumanli
12:00-12:20Adjoint Optimization of Hydrogen Combustion Applications Utilizing Multi-Layer Perceptrons Evert C. Bunschoten
14:00-14:20High-Fidelity Aeroacoustic Prediction and Shape Optimization using SU2 Beckett Zhou
14:20-14:40Data-driven aerodynamic shape design with distributionally robust optimization approaches Long Chen
14:40-15:00Gradient Enhanced Surrogate Modeling Framework for Aerodynamic Design Optimization Emre Özkaya
15:00-15:20Strongly Coupled Aeroelastic Modeling of Deployable Aerodynamic Decelerator at Transonic Speed Sanjoy Kumar Saha
16:00-16:20Hypersonic testing and digital twins Marco Fosatti
16:20-16:40Source Term Methodology for the Initialisation and Subsequent Decoupled Simulation of Wake Vortex Systems of a Continuously Varying High-Lift Aircraft Arrangement Scott Bennie
16:40-17:00Investigating Hypersonic Boundary Layer Transition on Sharp and Blunt Leading Edge Profiles Urvi S. Mehta
17:00-17:20Probabilistic Aerodatabases for Hypersonic Vehicles using SU2 Jacob Needels
17:20-17:40Ideas to boost contributions to SU2 (no slides) SU2 Foundation
17:40-18:00Awards CeremonySU2 Foundation
20:00 – endDinner in local restaurant: Blanco Lounge Bar & Restaurant google-maps-link

Day 3 – Agenda – Wednesday, October 25 – Turbo Workshop

Time (CEST)TitleSpeaker
09:00-09:45Introduction and code overview Matteo Pini / Pedro Gomes
09:45-10:30Turbo-features: mixing plane, performance,… Matteo Pini
11:00-12:30Tutorial part 1 Alessandro Cappiello / Ashvin Mahajan
13:45-15:00Tutorial part 2 + Q&A Alessandro Cappiello / Ashvin Mahajan
15:00-18:00Coding session (break included) Joshua A. Kelly

Call for Abstracts

Whether you are an SU2 user or developer, student or professional, everybody is welcome to participate in our upcoming 4th Annual SU2 Conference and share their work with our community.  Aside from state-of-the-art research, we also encourage you to share code contributions and work-in-progress. 

As part of the event, an exciting workshop on turbomachinery flow simulation with SU2 is  also organized. Participants will have the opportunity to learn basic and advanced turbomachinery simulation capabilities and make hands-on experience with the source code. 

If you would like to present your work on SU2, please prepare a 250 word abstract about your work. The deadline for submitting an abstract is September 1st (see extension notice below). Please submit your abstract via CMT https://cmt3.research.microsoft.com/SU2CONF2023/ or click the button below.

Abstract submission deadline extension to September 15th. Abstract submission window has ended, however, in case you want to present but have missed the window, please upload your abstract via the link in the button below and contact info[at]su2foundation.org. The organizing committee will review those submissions and decide on a case per case basis.

Abstract acceptances have been sent out, in case you uploaded an abstract and have not received feedback please contact the email address above.


The registration is now open for in-person and virtual participants via a third party platform eventbrite. Virtual participation is free of charge while the in-person fees are 500€ for (PhD-)students and contributors to the code, the fee is 1000€ for everyone else. The fee pays for the conference venue and catering spanning the 3 conference days, but not for accommodation. The payment is not processed via eventbrite, we will send out a link with payment details after your registration on eventbrite. Note that this can take a short while due to manual processing.

Please click the button below to go to the registration platform, read the short info text and choose the appropriate tickets for your needs:

This SU2 Foundation page is the central place for all updates and latest information, but we do our best to post every major update on the other available channel (slack, twitter, facebook, github).

See you in Varenna!

Organizing Committee

The SU2 Conference 2023 is organized by the members of the SU2 Foundation: Dr. Thomas D. Economon SU2 Foundation; Prof. Juan J. AlonsoStanford University; Dr. Eran AradRafael Advanced Defense Systems; Prof. Piero ColonnaDelft University of Technology; Tim AlbringSU2 Foundation; Dr. Pedro GomesSU2 Foundation; Daniel MayerRobert Bosch LLC; Tobias KattmannTU Kaiserslautern; Dr. Nijso Beishuizen – Bosch Thermotechnology; Dr. Matteo PiniDelft University of Technology

Local organizing committee:

  • Giulio GoriCoordinator of local organizing committee – Department of Aerospace Science and Technology, Politecnico di Milano
  • Prof. Alberto Guardone – Department of Aerospace Science and Technology, Politecnico di Milano
  • Francesco Angelo Caccia – Department of Aerospace Science and Technology, Politecnico di Milano
  • Luca Abergo – Department of Aerospace Science and Technology, Politecnico di Milano