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SU2 Conference 2020

Whether you are an SU2 user or developer, student or professional, everybody is welcome to participate in our upcoming SU2 Conference!

In just a few years, SU2 has grown from a small, open-source tool for aerodynamics, to a large community of users and developers with a passion for multidisciplinary optimization. As an open-source project, we believe in building a vibrant community, involving everyone in the spirit of open collaboration.

For four consecutive years, we have gathered some of the most active development teams from around the world for our annual developers meeting. This year, the SU2 Foundation would like to invite all of our community, whether you are a user or developer, a student, academic, or industry professional, to participate in our 1st Annual SU2 Conference.

Everyone is invited to join us online! Our community will be sharing their state-of-the-art research, code contributions, ongoing developments, and any other SU2-related content that you would not normally see at thematic conferences.

This is what we have prepared for you:

  • A handful of basic and advanced tutorials to develop your skills with SU2.
  • A series of lightning talks on what you can do with SU2, from our experienced users and developers from all over the world.
  • Updates on SU2 Foundation activities and an open discussion on the future of our project.
  • Great online networking opportunities.
  • An opportunity for contributors to submit a paper to the peer-reviewed proceedings after the conference.

Day 1 – Agenda – Wednesday, June 10

Time (PDT)TitleSpeaker
07:00-07:30Welcome; SU2 Year in ReviewT. Economon
07:30-08:00DDES and WMLES scale-resolving Simulations in SU2E. Molina
08:00-08:30Hybrid Parallelization of SU2P. Gomes
08:40-08:55Adjoint-based design optimization of pollutant emissions in heat exchangersD. Mayer
08:55-09:10Overview of aeroacoustic prediction and design capabilities in SU2B. Zhou
09:10-09:25SU2-NEMO: NonEquilibrium MOdels for Hypersonic Flows Using Mutation++C. Garbacz
09:25-09:40Effect of roughness on wind turbine performanceA. K. Ravishankara
09:40-09:55Coupled adjoint sensitivities in problems involving turbulent flows,
radiation and conjugate heat transfer
R. Sanchez
9:55-10:30Talk to the Experts: Q&A about anything SU2TBD

Day 2 – Agenda – Thursday, June 11

Time (PDT)TitleSpeaker
07:00- 07:30A crash course for SU2 developersT. Albring
07:30-08:00Unit testing framework in SU2: methodology and philosophyC. Pederson
08:00-08:30How to set up multi-zone problems in SU2T. Kattmann
08:40-08:55A modal analysis platform in SU2 for computational aeroelasticity and
applications in linear and nonlinear reduced order modelling
R. Halder
08:55-09:10Extra Scalar Transport Equations Capability in SU2A. Cajal
09:10-09:25A Residual-Based Compact Scheme for Real-Gas Flow SimulationsC. Corre
09:25-09:40Implementing reduced order modeling in SU2J. T. Lauzon
09:40-09:55Adjoint-based multipoint airfoil shape optimization for a new generation
advanced trainer aircraft
M. Cangul
09:55-10:10Discrete Adjoint Optimization Framework for Unsteady Fluid-Structure
Interaction Problems
 C. Venkatesan-Crome
10:10-10:25Radial basis function mesh deformation for icing and rotorcraft simulations
in SU2
T. Bellosta

Day 3 – Agenda – Friday, June 12

Time (PDT)TitleSpeaker
07:00-07:45A look ahead: ongoing developments in SU2 + Open discussionT. Economon
07:45-08:15Goal-oriented anisotropic mesh adaptation in the SU2 frameworkB. Munguía
08:25-08:40Numerical simulation of flow over NACA-0012 airfoil pitching at
low frequencies
08:40-08:55Aerodynamic innovation through machine optimisationC. McMullan
08:55-09:10Combining SU2 and graph neural networks for fluid flow predictionF. Belbute-Peres
09:10-09:25Implementation and validation of a new actuator disk model in SU2E. Saetta
09:25-09:40Aeroelastic 3D optimization of turbomachinery using a
harmonic balance method
N. I. Anand
09:40-10:10SU2 Analysis in Support of Worldwide Ventilator EffortJ. Mukhopadhaya



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