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SU2 Conference 2020

Whether you are an SU2 user or developer, student or professional, everybody is welcome to participate in our upcoming SU2 Conference!

Recording of Day 1:

Recording of Day 2:

Recording of Day 3:

In just a few years, SU2 has grown from a small, open-source tool for aerodynamics, to a large community of users and developers with a passion for multidisciplinary optimization. As an open-source project, we believe in building a vibrant community, involving everyone in the spirit of open collaboration.

For four consecutive years, we have gathered some of the most active development teams from around the world for our annual developers meeting. This year, the SU2 Foundation would like to invite all of our community, whether you are a user or developer, a student, academic, or industry professional, to participate in our 1st Annual SU2 Conference.

Everyone is invited to join us online! Our community will be sharing their state-of-the-art research, code contributions, ongoing developments, and any other SU2-related content that you would not normally see at thematic conferences.

An archive of the content from the 2020 SU2 Conference can be found below, including presentation slides, recorded talks, and submitted conference papers.

Additional Contributions

Improved Prediction of Butterfly Valve Aerodynamic Torque through CFD: Commercial Code and SU2 Evaluation – Brandon L. Gleeson

An Optimization Study for Canard Position in a close-coupled Delta Wing-Canard Configuration – Alp Tikenogullari

Windowing Regularization Techniques for Unsteady Aerodynamic Shape Optimization – Steffen Schotthöfer

Numerical simulation of flow over NACA0012 airfoil pitching at low frequencies – Aasha G. C.

Understanding Tractor Trailer Aerodynamics Using a Time Accurate Approach – David E. Manosalvas-Kjono

Adjoint-based design optimization of pollutant emissions in heat exchangers – Daniel Mayer