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Sponsorship Program

The SU2 Foundation is a nonprofit organization that promotes global software development and education to increase the pace of innovation in the engineering sciences for the benefit of all society. The SU2 Foundation also provides a trusted, neutral forum for international collaboration on software development through transparent, community-driven technical governance. In order to ensure the active development and longevity of all Foundation-backed projects, including the SU2 software project, our operations and activities depend upon the generous support of individuals, industry, government agencies, and universities around the world.

By sponsoring the SU2 Foundation with a donation as an individual or an organization, you help advance our mission of education, research, and innovation for the benefit of all society. Join us in inspiring and training the next generation of computational scientists!

Current sponsors

Levels of Sponsorship

We are proud to recognize the generosity of our donors at four levels: Collaborator, Investigator, Innovator, and Pioneer.

Semi-annual newsletter recognition
Sponsor logo included on SU2 Foundation website, and all SU2 Foundation publications*
Social media post highlighting sponsorship
Co-authoring of SU2 success stories
Special recognition for sponsor contributions to the SU2 software
Press release recognizing sponsorship
Co-authored post / sponsor testimonial on the SU2 Foundation website
Special recognition at SU2 meetings and workshops
*Not including scientific/technical publications in journals and conferences

Uses of Donations by the SU2 Foundation 

Your donations will directly fund mission-related activities of the SU2 Foundation, such as, but not limited to, enhancing community outreach, organizing training workshops and community meetings, performing proactive software maintenance and development, performing non-code related improvements such as creating better documentation and more comprehensive educational materials, and ensuring that the software remains freely accessible to all.

The SU2 Foundation is a non-profit corporation organized under the laws of the state of Delaware in the United States. Donations to the SU2 Foundation are not tax-deductible in the United States. This comment should not be considered legal or financial advice.

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